I’ve never felt overly intimidated by baking.  I’ve also never followed recipes to the tee, nor paid close attention to exact amounts. I’ve tended to employ a cook’s attitude in the kitchen, a few spoonfuls of this, a couple extra handfuls of that (always with the chocolate chips). I guess I’ve just been relatively lucky, as for the most part things have baked up really well (okay, I bet Josh could recall a number of times when things have crumbled and burned).  But while that may have worked in my lil home kitchen, I’m playing with the big bakers now!  I’m finally listening, learning and exploring the why’s and how’s to baking so I can manipulate the best outcome, intentionally and repeatedly.  Rising, whipping, folding, crisping, it’s like playing with a chemistry set AND an easy bake oven at the same time – heaven!